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For making strong IT career which is best location India or Abroad?

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For making a strong IT career which is the best location India or Abroad?

importance oracle dbaInformation Technology sector has proved to be a boon for many in these times of job crisis. While not requiring core programming skills or technological expertise, it does rather pay at par with them with similar or some would even say far better scope. However, for those with ambitions find themselves tackling the same situation of going overseas or staying near home.

Though, earlier most would’ve voted America as their goto destination especially in terms of technology-related jobs. But, with the election of Donald Trump as president and his policy of America First has been raising issues for the immigrants. What with the recent changes in the H1B visa and upcoming policies, it is bound to get tougher staying in the USA.

There is no denying that most of the prominent IT sector jobs are available in silicon valley based companies such as Google, Microsoft etc. With many Indian startups raising the bar and global companies opening their headquarters in India, this is bound to change.

IT Career Scope & Opportunities in the USA

Being the mecca of technological inventions and the home of the original silicon valley, America is by far the top choice for anyone in the world looking for solid growth aspects in terms of career. Recruitment agencies alone hire more than 13 million people yearly for various companies.

Though, as I said above with America’s unemployment issue for its native citizens and the solution it seeks, foreign nationals don’t seem to have a long term professional in the USA. At least, for the remaining term of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Also, quite surprisingly, the USA lags far behind when it comes to maintaining a healthy work-life balance as per Better Life Index by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Other Countries IT Sector Job Sector

There are several other countries that offer good growth prospects for IT career aspirants. Apart from the USA, there used to be no top choice for all in terms of jobs offers in this field. However, there are several other countries which provide various benefits and can be put second to none in terms of their opportunities & benefits.


This is the country that’s on the progressive track of the biggies such as Microsoft, IBM and many more. Each of them has established its operations centers and offices around the country to fuel their expansion throughout.

Though, a relatively expensive country with high taxes and somewhat lack of social culture, Denmark has probably the best work-life balance as compared to other countries. Due to its existing social support system, living standard is pretty good and most companies provide their employees with the choice to decide the time of their shift.

Also, not to mention you get 5 weeks of paid vacation minimum annually.


Amongst all European countries, Germany has the largest software market and a fast-growing economy with the presence of MNCs like Microsoft, Oracle etc.

It’s said that Germans are hard to get along with, that may be true but this country more than makes up for it with its excellent public healthcare system & transportation network. Amongst other expenses, rent and other daily commodities are reasonably priced.

You will also discover your talent’s worth here as it offers a vast multitude of opportunities professionally and a chance to diversify your skill set. On a slightly comparative note, you don’t need to worry about getting fired, job security here is better than at other nations.


This place is known worldwide for its tourist attractions, but what’s more, is its government efforts in making itself technology-centric. With headquarters of MNC’s like Google, Microsoft etc and Smart Nation Platform (SNP) being developed by the government, there is a bright future ahead for IT professionals.

However, due to a high number of tourist visitors and being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, the cost of living especially rent is very high. But, income tax rates are comparatively low, negligible crime rate and a highly clean city as well. You will find many career development opportunities here.

On a slight downside, work-life balance is poor considering most foreign workers here coordinate with company offices in Europe where work week is longer. Thus, you may often find yourself not able to cope up and/or fit in this city’s lifestyle.


Named after the original silicon valley, Ireland’s capital Dublin city’s IT industry is known as Silicon Docks mainly due to the large investments made by major tech companies in this country. Much of which could be owed to low taxes for corporate and negligible crime presence.

Despite such, foreign professionals often find it hard here due to steep income tax rates, poor health care facilities and most of all least availability of accommodation even with costly living. Though, if you can keep up with it then you will find your stay generally welcome here.

United Kingdom

oracle jobs, oracle dba jobsAs opposed to America, Britan is actually increasing the number of visas being granted to the foreign professionals who are applying for a job in its technology sector along with providing aid to various sectors such as 5G, smart energy, robotics, AI and a couple of others.

Due to the above, opportunities are increasing especially in the government-funded areas. You also won’t need to learn another language provided you are fluent in English at least a little bit which most are considering it’s somewhat of a global language perse. And, you get to become a part of National Health Service for free.

But, on the downside, rents are high, fuel costs are steep and especially the weather. If you’re used to sunshine or can’t adhere to extreme cold, then this isn’t probably for you.


Lastly, the country that’s often touted as the heaven on earth and the home of the Alps. Known mostly for its financially secure economy, this country also houses some of the most innovative firms at present.

For a country which is a renowned tourist destination, there are quite a few drawbacks to settling here such as high living cost as well as lack of suitable accommodation availability. Some may also feel unwelcomed by the natives and lack of social culture or festive scenarios adding on top of it.

Despite the above, work culture and professionalism in the Swiss more than makes up for it. Salary bar is high as compared to other countries and work-life balance is also quite impressive. If you can keep with the cost, then you may actually find life here is better than elsewhere.

IT Sector in India

Despite the fact that many would have you believe that this industry is at the verge of decline, the truth cannot be farther away. Though it’s a fact that companies are laying off and people are finding it hard to get a job but that’s more due to the change in the scenario. With the advent of technologies such as IoT, AI, Cloud, Big Data etc, there are now rather different skills in demand.

At present, there are many such hubs like that of silicon valley are being developed in India like Banglore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, and many others. What was once begin by Bangalore is slowly now spreading amongst all nation. Current government efforts are also to make India a digital nation with a strong growth aspect.

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