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Increase Your Career Prospects with Oracle Certification

oracle certification

oracle certificationIn case you are a DBA who is aspiring to get one of the best jobs available in the computer field with a greater salary, getting a higher level Oracle certification will definitely help. It will prove to the prospective employers that you have what is required to achieve success. The DBA jobs have always been considered as some of the hottest computer jobs for future by the US Department of Labor. It also observed that Oracle DBA will be one of the quickest growing occupations in the year 2014. However, you need up to date skills in case you are vying for the best jobs having best salaries. One of the methods for showing your employers that you are indeed familiar with latest developments and trends is by earning Oracle certification. In case if you are a DBA and already working with Oracle, it is likely that you have already been qualified as an Oracle Certified Associate (OCA). In such a case if you want to move further up in your career you can think of getting an OCP or even try to join the elite OCM group.

OCP (Oracle Certified Professional):

OCP is the qualification the employers will be looking for while recruiting the highest computer jobs. OCP happens to be the stepping stone for advancement into another level for an Oracle DBA who has an established career in DBA, for example, someone already managing a large DB or, developing organization-wide applications.

OCM (Oracle Certified Master):

OCM’s are considered as the DB guru’s that is people who have skills, knowledge, and experience in carrying out and managing critical projects. The people who have passed this certification form an elite group numbering rather in hundreds than in thousands. In case you already are an OCP and have enough experience in all the different aspects of DBA including installation, backup, and recovery, you are a candidate to become an OCM. It is definitely not an easy certification to get and requires two days of hands-on testing which costs around $2000.

This investment in your career will pay off in terms of greater salary. As disclosed by the 2005 Microsoft Certified Magazine’s salary survey, the average salary earned by an OCP is $85,556 and if you perform a fast research on the famous technology job agency website Dice, you will find that the OCPs and OCMs have salaries between $55,000 and $105,000.

Different company has own opinion about certification. I saw so many experienced DBA without having certification in my career. They are working on top position in a company. It means certification doesn’t compulsory for getting the job but it is essential and impacts your education.



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