Fresher Oracle DBA Sample Resume -2

fresher oracle dba resume

Fresher Oracle DBA Sample Resume -2

(Important Note: This resume contains your scores of passing years and project details too. Because this is accurate for fresher Oracle DBA who doesn’t have any experience and much technical knowledge. If your scores are not more than 60% then kindly follow my another sample only and don’t create this resume. Older resume is available at https://giteshtrivedi.com/blog/oracle-dba-resume/fresher-oracle-dba-sample-resume-1/)

xyz xyz

Permanent Address: xx, yyy, zzz

Email:  xyz@site.com

Mob No.:    +91-000111000/+91-0011001100


As a software professional, I aspire to serve the industry where I can utilize my abilities, skills, and knowledge to be associated with your organization which offers professional growth while being resourceful and innovative. I would like to obtain an entry level Database Administrator position that will utilize my experience of training that includes database maintenance.


YEAR        BOARD DEGREE/ CERTIFICATE/ INSTITUTE                 % or CPI (Cumulative Performance Index)
20xx-xx       xxx xxxxxxxxx                                                                00%
20xx            xxx xxxxxxxxx                                                                00%
20xx            xxx xxxxxxxxx                                                                00%


Technical Skills

Programing Languages C,C++, .net
Databases/DBMS Oracle  10g/11g DBA,Oracle Apps R12 DBA
Database Administration Database architecture, Administration, Backup & Recovery, Cloning, Installation, creation, configuration.
Platforms  Linux (RedHat & Oracle), Windows 7/xp/98
Tools & Utilities Export/Import, expdp/impdp(data pump),RMAN,Oracle Enterprise manager, TKPROF,NETCA, DBCA.

1) Have working knowledge of Oracle installations.

2) Have working knowledge of Oracle Database Architecture (10G/11G).

3) Have working knowledge of User Management.

4) Have working knowledge of Table space Management.

5) Have working knowledge of Control files Management, Redo log files management and Archive log files Management.

6) Have working knowledge of user management and Oracle flashback technology.

7) Have working knowledge of Oracle Networking (Configuring Listener.ora, Tnsnames.ora file).

8) Configuring and managing physical standby database server.

9) Cloning the database server.

10) Managing Automatic Storage Management through instance and command line utility like ASMCMD.

11) Have a good knowledge of Oracle backup and recovery using both user based and RMAN and physical as well as logical.

12) Patching and upgradation of Oracle database server using patch sets (from 10G to 11G)

13) Configuring and Administrating instance manually and through OEM.



  • Minor Project : xxxxxx
  • Major Project : xxxxxx
  •  “Title of main project” Front end=c# and back end=MS-access

The project titled “xxxxx” is (here write some description of project)

  • Dedication, Self Confidence.
  • Learning attitude, Has the ability to adjust easily to the situations.



  • Listening music, singing
  • watching movies,

Father’s Name:                                                    Mr. xxx

Mother’s Name:                                                  Mrs. yyy

Date of Birth:                                                      (date)

Sex:                                                                              xxx

Languages:                                                           English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati

Nationality:                                                           Indian



I hereby declare that statement giving in this resume are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge.


Date:                                                                                                                           xyz


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  • Thanks Giteshsir, for sharing fresher resume sample. If you provide us same in word format then it is better for us.

  • Shital jalindar mane
    September 26, 2017 3:35 pm

    Send me oracle DBA resume for fresher

  • usefull
    thanks sir

  • Subodh Thakur
    May 30, 2018 8:17 am

    Very good format. I am experienced in service delivery and was very conscious about matter I should be entering as I want to move into Oracle DBA profile. this format is really helpful as it does not show any type of expertise on subject but shows details about knowledge we have.

  • Thanks a lot… it helps me to prepare my resume.
    thank you so much


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