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Oracle DBA Jobs – How to Get?

oracle jobs, oracle dba jobs

After Getting My Oracle Certification How Do I Get a Job As a DBA?

oracle jobs, oracle dba jobsSo you’ve passed the Oracle test and you are now certified as an Oracle Database Administrator. The thing is that you have never had a job as an Oracle Database Administrator. You are probably now wondering what the next steps are that you would need to take in order to get your foot in the door with getting a DBA job. However getting a DBA job is not something that comes east.

The thing that you need to keep in mind is that when a company is using Oracle for their business they are typically using it to run things that are very important to their business so they will need to have someone performing the task that they know is highly reliable and will not let them down, because letting them down in this area could jeopardize the reputation of their company. The enterprise-class database is something that they most certainly will not be using. They will need to maintain their system with a more advanced method which means that they will need someone that is very experienced and knowledgeable in the Oracle area.

There are several ways to get Oracle DBA jobs but….

With that being said companies do not want to hire someone that is just now stepping out of the learning phase for Oracle. For the most part, if you want to be a database administrator you will need to have at least 7 years of experience in the field; the minimum amount of experience would fall somewhere in between 3-5 years. In this case, this might leave you wondering how people actually get their foot in the door for a DBA position. So even after getting your certification, you will need to continue with learning more things about Oracle; learn as much as you can. Even though you just got your certification that is still not quite enough; your learning phases have not ended just yet. As with any career, it is always best to keep learning more to prove yourself to companies that will pay you big for important tasks. You need to remember that OCA covers a wide variety of topics all in a nutshell. It is up to you to get into depth with everything that you learned in a nutshell. You need to dig a little deeper into each topic that you have learned for Oracle.

For getting Oracle DBA jobs only certification is not helpful….

Your certification did you not require the knowledge that is needed by those that actually work in a database and that have been doing so for several years. The database requires advancement in your knowledge of Oracle. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of what that means from reading the above. Go back to your Oracle documentation and work on Oracle tutorial material so that you can increase the knowledge that you already have. You can do this as you continue to look for a job. Once you receive an interview the extra materials that you have been studying will help you to have a better chance at getting that database job that you want. During the interview when the employer asks you certain questions to test your knowledge about Oracle is when that extra studying will have come in handy. The fact of the matters is that the more you know your material the better chances you will have at eventually getting your foot in the door for that database job, as mentioned before. Do not give up searching for a job; keep looking and as you search keep studying the material. As long as you stay consistent and motivated you will get the position that you seek.

Nowadays many people are signing up on LinkedIn; this is a profile website where professionals will be able to find you if you are looking for a job. It is basically like a social networking resume website. You can befriend people that have the same experience as you and you can find work through them. Not only that, but employers will be able to find you on there as well.

Keep in mind that your profile needs to look professional. Make sure that your grammar and spelling is correct because people that are looking to hire you will pay attention to the way that you present yourself on there.

I will publish more tips on how to get Oracle DBA job easily and quickly in future. Stay connected…..

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  • I agreed that only Oracle certification cannot help. At present there are few chances available for fresher Oracle DBA. Some companies are providing chance but major are not. I am also struggling to get job as fresher Oracle DBA. I impressed with your articles. Appreciate.


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