Why People choose Oracle Database Administration Career?

why choose Oracle DBA career

Here are some reasons of choosing Oracle DBA career.

why choose Oracle DBA career, it careersI discussed with so many candidates and students about why they choose Oracle DBA as a career. I found some amazing facts behind this career selection. I asked the reason of career change from some of my students too who worked as developers and not wanted to switch in database administration.


The scope of Jobs is more:

Oracle is a worldwide leader and Oracle database is most popular globally. Thus, jobs are available more than another RDBMS DBA jobs. Most of the companies are using Oracle database on various platforms. Means chances of Oracle DBA jobs are more at any type of industry like telecom, finance, banking, etc. This is might be one of the valid reason for choosing Oracle DBA career.

No programming skills need:

Some candidates gave this kind of reason for choosing Oracle database administration field that they are not interested in programming or they are weak in programming. Off course, their programming skill is not necessary for database administration field but I am not 100% agreed with same, because we need some knowledge of applications too for making it better or gaining good performance.

In contrast, you need to understand the system, hardware, network administration for making yourself very good in database administration field. Have you seen these all requirements in any programming career?

Earning more:

Some candidates replied that in Oracle DBA career they could earn more than others. I do not agree 100% for this reason too because there are lots of another IT field available where you can earn more than Oracle DBA.

Database Administration is easiest in Oracle:

Off course, this is not the valid reason and not true in all aspects. There are lots of companies running different databases on multiple platforms with various Oracle versions. I was in team lead in a bank which was running more than 150 databases (24/7 environment) on AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows with Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g versions with standby databases and Oracle RAC. Do you think it was easy to manage those all?

Job change is easy:

This is another unacceptable reason for choosing Oracle DBA career. Job availability is good than it is not necessary to change job frequently. If you change job frequently then you would spoil your reputation from HR department and fragment your resume and this could be harmful to your future career.

Oracle Certification is easy:

When we are talking about Oracle certification upgrade then this reason is right because Oracle doesn’t provide frequent version changes. If you see last 15 years history of Oracle versions then there were very few versions introduced. It means if you are Oracle certified then upgrades are very few. You need to clear only single upgrade exam in 3-4 years for making your certification up to date.

Why I choose Oracle DBA profession?

As per my thinking, in Oracle database administration career I am getting chances to learn multiple skills like operating system, networking, hardware, applications. As Oracle DBA, I get lots of chances of troubleshooting which are thrilling me every day for accepting a new challenge and learning new things every day. Due to these all reasons, I like Oracle DBA career. Off course, these all things are happening if you work hard and monitor your every database, application trends, operating system logs, hardware capacity, network monitoring. If you go to office and seat ideally for waiting of complaint about performance or disaster then you would never learn anything and one day you get bored from your existing job.

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  • i am a software engineer but i have no interest in programming so can i choose dba as a career….dba easier than programming or not
    so kindly guide me because my programming logic is very week

    • giteshtrivedi
      July 21, 2014 5:29 am

      Any easier thing doesn’t offer attractive package. If you want to build strong career then go through any good skill and hard work on same.

  • Thanks a lot Gitesh Sir,
    This blog is helpful to boost my confidence sir, my economical condition are bad i have one question in my mind is that to become DBA as career can we do job in Hardware and then Networking and after that System admin this job experiance will count in our DBA career.
    plz guide me.

    • giteshtrivedi
      July 21, 2014 5:23 am


      It doesn’t necessary to get training of hardware, system admin, networking before starting Oracle DBA training. But during your learning phase of Oracle DBA, you should need to learn (self study) in these areas for getting more success. It will be helpful to you for getting fresher Oracle DBA job easily.

  • Iam a software engineer in java i want change my job into dba please suggest me

  • Anshul toshniwal
    May 26, 2018 8:55 pm

    please tell me from where the internship of oracle dba is good. and from wich institute or company.

    • giteshtrivedi
      May 28, 2018 4:37 pm

      Hi Anshul,

      I don’t think you would get internship of Oracle DBA in any company. Generally, company doesn’t prefer fresher for maintaining their important servers.


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