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Finding an Oracle job is very tough nowadays?

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fresher oracle jobsFinding any job may be difficult but when it comes to finding Oracle job it can be toughest as compare to others. Oracle is not just the database management system solution but it is a vast ocean of technology that sees no start and no end.

As compare to other database management systems in the industry like DB2, MySql, Informix, Sybase, MS SQL, etc. Oracle outstands and outsmarts them concerning its functionality and wide range of features required for database management and maintenance. One can easily get how strong Oracle is when he/she looks at its architecture, which in itself is a challenge to understand every component of architecture, their functionality, and interaction with various components, internal background processes. Then come up with the most important part of managing these memory components and background process, tuning them for better performance, etc.

The proper understanding and having some skills to manage the database server (or instance) is not enough for getting an Oracle job. So what is the skill set needed that can get you to find a good oracle job? The answer to this question is that what extra knowledge you hold other than your domain ie oracle database?

Oracle is available for a wide range of operating system platforms from MS Windows to the various flavor of Unix such as IBM AIX, HP UX, Sun Solaris, etc. so oracle DBA must have knowledge of various operating systems that is candidate must be Oracle DBA with System Administration skills. If you have exposure to more than one operating system then your chances of getting oracle jobs are increased to some extent.

Oracle provides high-availability features like Oracle RAC and Oracle Data Guard. These features entail having computer nodes in the network. The network can be LAN, WAN, or MAN. Computer nodes communicate over a network with the help of protocols. This sort of communication needs high security so that it doesn’t compromise with data integrity, confidentiality, etc. It implies that candidates seeking an oracle job must also have strong knowledge and exposure to networking skills ie Oracle DBA with Networking Skills. Nowadays, Oracle cloud DBA is also important.

Oracle also takes its share in the management of storage with its features called Automatic Storage Management (ASM). Since data is physically stored in the storage device like disk or tape. Having enough knowledge of storage devices about its capacity, I/O speed, etc and troubleshooting in case of any problems can have added advantage for a candidate looking for Oracle job. Such a candidate can be called as Oracle DBA with Storage Administration Skills. This skill set may help Oracle DBA while performing storage-related tasks such as backup and recovery, optimizing I/O for better performance, etc.


Apart from having this skill set Oracle DBA must be flexible enough and willing to learn new evolving technologies. To get Oracle job only having academic qualification and professional certifications (even though they add some hot time to your resume) are not enough, you need something extra to offer to the organization for its proper operational execution and growth. There is the only way that you can get the Oracle job easily that is hard work and knowledge.

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