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How to consider which placement company is good for fresher job search?

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oracle jobs, oracle dba jobsIf you are an IT professional and just starting your career and want to make great success in the field of Information Technology, let’s tell you that IT is a very vast field. There are various types of profile that can be suitable for any IT fresher. Some of these profiles are related to SEO, DB Designer or Administrator, Programmer or Software Developer, Designer, Animator, Project coordinator, Quality assurance or Software Testing etc. The ultimate decision is all up to you, where do feel as the best fit.

This not easy for a fresher to judge which particular profile can be the best match to his or her qualifications and abilities. For this very reason the “Placement Companies” came into the picture. There are thousands of placement companies available in the market. They are the best guide for any fresher because they know the specific requirements of every employer and vacant position available with them. After discussing with you about your qualifications, desires and career goal they will be the best person to provide you the best career advice.

This is very tough to know which placement company will be the best career guide for you. But depending on some parameters you can judge this easily. Just inquire about the name of the placement company you are going to take the career advice. If possible you can personally meet with the people who are being employed by the particular placement company. Just ask them about the kind of assistance the placement company has actually provided them. There are many placement companies that are having their online website. You should once go to these websites and read what are their specialties? What are they good at IT, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, Finance, Sales or Marketing? Just inquire about the other services provided by such placement companies such as Training or Resume writing.

If any placement company asks any registration fee or any kind of other charges then simply avoid this kind of company. Generally, placement company earns money from employer company only. This is the general trend but some FRAUD company also asks some charges from candidates and this is for doing cheating only nothing else. Thus don’t waste any money on hiring placement company for getting the job. Of course, some of the placement consultants take charge for resume rewriting and blast your resume to other good companies. This charge can be acceptable. Some kind of online job portals is offering these kinds of services.

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  • Placement work
    September 4, 2018 6:14 am

    Thanks for giving the knowledge of placement and about this. Nice topic Post!
    A particular HR organization is much better than an individual. They would take better responsibility and deliver quality result. However, it is important to find such HR companies that can help do so. As human resources must be handled efficiently so it is crucial to look for a Placement Consultancy that can provide the results.


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