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Oracle DBA Jobs – How to Get? Part-2

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How to Get Oracle DBA Jobs after finishing Certification Part-2

“It is not easy to get a job with just having Oracle certification only!!!”

oracle jobs, oracle dba jobsOff course, everyone wants the quick job because it is the main goal of life. But everyone doesn’t get the job immediately; some get very quickly and some of gets job very lastly. This thing happens due to people have different abilities, understanding, and capabilities. But unfortunately, Oracle certification is not main eligibility for grabbing job so quickly. If your institute advises about same then kindly consider reading my article very carefully.

For obtaining Oracle job from a market, you need to develop strong Oracle database administration skills with the study of various skill areas like network, hardware, system administration, and new features of Oracle with advanced technology. You need to get some good depth knowledge of these all skills. If you are having desirable knowledge then you can get a job very easily from high competitive market. If you think that Oracle certification is best criteria to get a job and if you would ignore this fact then you might not get the job so easily.

After finishing your Oracle certification, you should need to understand operating system concept first. For maintaining Oracle software security, the first task is secure from the operating system side. You should be aware of operating system concept for general administration, backup commands, monitoring performance of system utilities, schedule job tasks, network utilities. These all skills are very helpful to you perform your database administration very easy. These all skills are being required in your daily tasks of database operations. Understanding of Oracle SQL command doesn’t fulfill your requirement of daily monitoring and administration tasks. For an instance, monitoring disk space usage of servers, you need to create a batch file or shell script and also needs to schedule task using operating system utility like schedule job task or crontab.

As Oracle DBA, you should be able to handle more databases and database server at a single time in real time job. There are 99% chances that company has more than the single database. Due to this reason, it is not easy to be managed all database servers without developing automation of daily routine tasks. The company always demands the person who can be able to take care of all database servers. For this reason, if a company offers the fresher job to a person who is having good knowledge of operating systems. I am advising you need to have superb depth knowledge but you should have appropriate skill.

One another main requirement is quick learner skill. If you have quick learning skill set then you are able to get the job easily. In this instance, everyone would be replying that they are the quick learner. But my simple question is that, are you able to prove yourself as a quick learner? Ask this question to yourself……if not found any answer then ask your instructor about this query……..

I am not opposing Oracle certification but consider it is not helpful to you for grabbing job easily because, during job interviews, we saw lots of Oracle certified candidates are not able to satisfy simple question like backup command of Linux/Unix, How to schedule your shell script in Unix, How to create shell script, etc.

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