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Why Oracle DBA earn more than other DBA?

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Why Oracle DBA earn more than other DBA?

Oracle database products are used and loved by a majority of corporations all over the globe. These database solutions are the top selling and applied solutions in the market today. 12c the latest product is dependable, durable, easy to install and manage. These products also save a lot of overhead expenses and can easily be maintained by an Oracle DAB. Business cannot survive a day without the DBA. There are other database solutions too such as SQL-Server and ERP, but surveys have shown that people love Oracle products the most. They trust the performance and reliability of these solutions.

Oracle DBA is like an asset to the company that performs one of the core functions to make sure that business runs smooth and the server responds in an expected manner. These professionals have adequate knowledge and training necessary to continue their jobs in a comfortable manner. They have invested on themselves to gain technical knowledge. That is the reason they demand more income than other DBA’s. Because businesses have adopted Oracle solutions and have understood the potential of this system so they want to make sure that the DBA stays with them for a long time.

A number of corporations also provide additional incentives to these professionals along with high pays. House allowance, transportation allowance, health insurance etc are some of the other incentives that ordinary DBAs dream off. Oracle DBA is not just another employee but he is a party of the business itself. His actions can contribute towards the success and failure of the business. Because of the rapid change in technology and new products joining the market, it is mandatory for him to stay on top of his game. Therefore he undertakes periodical training and workshops to learn new skills and tricks of the trade.

He plays a potent role in making sure that the server housing the Oracle database mainframes work effortlessly. In case of a problem he acts immediately and with his experience and expert knowledge he solves the issue in a timely manner. Oracle system is the most widely used database management system in the world. Other competitor products have a lot of catching up to do. Almost all big corporations are working using these database solutions. Businesses also understand that they are dependent on these products. Oracle DBA is paid better than other DBAs because he is sharper and better equipped than them in terms of skills and overall product knowledge.

Oracle Corporation makes sure that his DBAs are trained and equipped with pupate knowledge. Database management is an art as it involves simultaneously working with network topologies and data queries. Only an Oracle DBA is authorized to handle and work with Oracle-powered servers. Only he is qualified enough to make a comment about the condition of the current system. He has the set of skills that can solve a problem in time. He is an asset to the business, therefore he disserves more pay along with additional incentives. Businesses understand this fact and pay him more.

Oracle DBA has to get knowledge of multiple operating system platforms because the database is on any kind of Unix, Linux or Windows platform. Thus DB2 DBA or MSSQL DBA has to learn only a single operating system platform because the database doesn’t available for many platforms like Oracle. This is the one of a reason for the importance of Oracle DBA.

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