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Do you need to change Oracle DBA job

change dba job

Want to Change your Job as Oracle DBA?

change dba jobThere are many reasons why you would need to change your job or company or employer as an Oracle database administrator. However, in most cases, to be very honest, the main reason why many people move is something to do with the money. What to say in an interview when asked about the reason for moving becomes tricky because you just can’t tell your prospective employer that you are simply moving because your current company offers a lower compensation package. When asked this question, it is important to have some information about the company you intend to move to. Visit their website and learn some facts about them. Learn about their employee base, the size of the databases, the services that they offer and such as information. It will help you in choosing the right answer to give.

When asked this question, it is advisable not to criticize your current employer no matter how tempting it is. Always have a more growth-oriented reason. Telling them that you need to change your company in order for you to get a more challenging environment to develop your career will work perfectly. It’s important to tell them that this kind of environment is not currently available at your current company hence the need to change. This will show them that you are not just any lazy employee who is looking for a place where they can get more money for less work.

Another reason that would work very well when you are asked to give the reason why you need to change your current company is distance. If you tell them that your current company’s office is located far from your place of residence and tell them how moving every day is becoming too much of a chore, that will work as a perfect reason to change to a company located close to your home. Highlighting how daily commuting eats up into your productivity can be a good example in this case.

If you don’t have work in your company and want to change then it is good for you to get more exposure of your skill. But there is no guarantee of exposure in your new company too. Off course, as a human being, you need “changes” in life because the stereo type and constant life are becoming boring sometimes. Every person needs “changes” in life for an example; you are not going take dinner from the single hotel every time. But if you are working in information technology domain then you can get changes every day. Try to learn something new every day or try to share something different every time to people. These kinds of tricks can give you the satisfaction of changes and will fulfill your requirement without “change” of your employer or company. This is the best way.

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