Why are you choosing Oracle DBA Career?

career choice

Why are choosing Oracle DBA career path for earning more?

Or are you choosing Oracle DBA because you heard any friend’s success story?

career choiceGraduate student always thinks about strong career growth and higher earnings. This is normal human nature. Choice of career path is the most important factor because all major things depend on same like earning, career growth, and job satisfaction. In this stage, candidate expects some good advice from experienced advisor or friend. Sometimes instructors, faculties, seniors, friends, and teachers provide some good suggestions and tips and so many candidates follow this suggestion. Some get success and some of not. Struggling period exists in every career starting.

Everyone expects a high level of salary. Of course, when you are studying well and spending lots of money to get the higher education then your goal should get higher perks only. Professional courses are helpful to achieve your goal. It means you need to learn some professional courses like CCNA, MSCD, JAVA, Developer, SEO, Web design, OCP DBA, OCP Developer, etc. Using this kind of professional course you can get the good package.

Choosing of this type of extra course depends on your skill, interest, and career growth. Unfortunately, people are taking advice from wrong persons or being advised wrongly. Due to this reason, fresher is struggling for a long period and changes too many skill for getting a job. Don’t take wrong advice from the wrong person. First, you should need to check for yourself what is your interest? In which areas you are having interest and powerful knowledge. If you would choose your own interesting skill and professional course then you will get enjoyment in your struggling phase too. You never lose self-confidence.

Some candidates heard the success story from other one and try to copy same. This is absolutely wrong technique because you never know you will get success. Some candidates only check higher salary and higher package for choosing their dream job but they never think about own interesting subjects and skill. This is also another way of getting an absolute failure or higher of struggling period. Don’t become copycat and don’t try luck after hearing someone else’s success story. Don’t think about higher salary package while choosing the career path. Off course, earning the higher salary is the main goal of everyone. But in starting period you should need to concentrate on only your interested skill. Any of information technology fields have career growth and chances of the higher package. Then why you are choosing Oracle DBA as career path only?

If you don’t choose your skill accurately then there are lots of chances of lack of job satisfaction. It is resulting in so many job changes and your resume will be fragmented. This is the very serious issue and it will impact your career growth including your dream of top wage package.

In short, I can suggest you choose only your interested domain of skill as a career path. Don’t impress on other candidate or friend’s successful career. You can get success in your skill and earn nicely if you have good self-confidence and new learning skill. If somebody is advising Oracle DBA career is good or some classes/institute is advising same then beware. Classes and institutes give wrong information and advice because they need more candidates and more money. It is nothing but cheap sales technique. You might be waste your time, money and lose your self-confidence due to not getting success.

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  • radhika mehta
    March 25, 2014 3:59 pm

    sir, your article is very well written and giving correct advice to all the freshers.

    Sir, I used to be a system administrator in college. I left job sice three years as my dream was to become oracle dba.

    I still cannot figure out what should I do to achieve my goal. I am living at ahmedabad. Searching for job makes me feel that there are no companies who would even want to interview me.

    Putting that aside I jyst want to reach my goal. Please suggest way to achieve it.

    Thanks and Regards.

  • Thank u,
    Sir you give me your valuable information about how current situation are happened in market and our daily life.
    Same u wrote are happened with me sir.
    Sir i have completed my Engineering in IT(2014 pass out) and i want to become a DBA my 100% interest in this field.but didn’t get guidance..i ask to some people that whats step to become DBA they told me that, you first do system administrator job then getting experience of that job you try for DBA….is it right plz guide me..

    • giteshtrivedi
      July 21, 2014 5:27 am


      Read books and get some practical in free time for those skills. It is not necessary to get professional training on those other area.


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