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An Importance of Oracle Certification

oracle certification

Oracle Certification – A Title of Sovereignty

In today’s world, the opportunity for a database administrator keeps growing and it has undergone a steady rise over the years. As companies keep rising around the globe, the need for experts in database administration keeps rising as well. In this pretext, many skilled personnel is offered high-quality jobs that could promise to be a lifesaver.

But the thing is that majority of the companies do not wish to put their credentials and foundation to the test by giving away their resource database to some amateur who has just crippled to the state of learning database administration. Very few companies are willing to throw their database records at risk by appointing a person with miniature experience. They look for experts and sort out the one they see fit out of a well-refined list of experienced professionals. As this keeps happening, the rising generations are often shadowed and are never even given a chance to showcase their own skills. This is where the Oracle Certification could really come to our aid.

With this certificate, beginners gain access to jobs which would have been probably out of reach without it. They leave them wide open to opportunities as they indicate that they are fit to do the job they guarantee to do. It proves to the employer that the candidate is worth investing some money in and is quite safe and reliable when it comes to handing over the company’s resources.

Besides this, with the certificate, we gain exposure to educational forums where we could interact with both the experts as well as the amateur class of DB administrators. This helps us grow as potential seeds of database administration in the future.  To have an Oracle Certification would certainly add to our advantage in gaining a reputation that lasts in the DB administration sector.

I have seen lots of people are gaining more salary package after obtaining OCP and OCA certification. I am not advocating only for single qualification but if you see in the market and ask IT, professionals, then you can get the actual picture about the importance of this high qualification. It is true to that, after getting OCP certificate, lots of Oracle dba get promotion with the appraisal. There are lots of companies sponsoring whole expenditure of this qualification to their employee.

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