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Be Prepared for HR Interview of Oracle Database Administration

oracle dba interview

The article explains preparation of human resource interview questions. You need to take care of any questions is being raised by an interviewer.

Job interview usually revolves around question based on what you have written in your curriculum vitae and the interviewer will ask all sorts of questions relating to your qualification, experience and academic until they feel much satisfied with your performance and get a confidence that you will well fit the post you have applied. At last, you will get the chance to ask any question or doubts to the interviewer. However, it is quite vital that you have to raise the question which should be meaningful.

The reason to ask Questions:

The first reason regarding raising a question would be that you will get enough information which will give you a definite mindset whether to accept the job offer or not. Whereas keeping this in mind and gathering information to come up with the final decision to say “no” when the interviewer asks you if have any question? Means then it is completely wrong. Moreover asking a question to the interviewer will certainly increase good impression on you to as the employers feel that you have to show more interest in the job. However, avoid asking a question which you might be well aware off or you might have answered them while during the interview process. Don’t irritate employers by asking silly questions.


Moreover, your every question and answers to the interviewers will certainly give the opportunity to analyze about you and how well you fit the post. Moreover when framing your question ask the question “What role I would be doing in order to enhance the company” instead of asking “What role will the person you hire to play in the company’s plans for expansion” because the question you asked would certainly increase the confidence and good image over you.

Preparing Your Questions:

You might have framed several questions in order to ask the interviewer. However, think twice that which questions will help the employers to gain good impression on you. Moreover, you also need to do some basic research of the company such as the company future goals, their current level, etc as this would help you a lot and give an image that you have well researched about the company. Avoid silly questions and if you got clarification ask boldly in a confident manner.

Sometimes, questions raised by interviewer are looking like not useful and most hopeless queries but actually, those are very useful to understand candidate’s nature and behavior or reaction to the critical situation. This kind of query generally is asked by the interviewer to read candidate’s opinion and mind.

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