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Unveiling Your Oracle DBA Job Career

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success to get dba jobAccomplishment into Oracle DBA job career revenues you are functioning with one of the most problematical and important databases in the world. Mastering this complex and sophisticated set of pc programs can be done only in the case where the individual has acquired computer skills of college level. For your Oracle DBA job career, you need to be either a computer scientist or an information system professional having many years of training. The Oracle DBA professionals are in the same category as senior managers and have lots of responsibilities on their shoulders. It is because of this reason the Oracle DBA professionals are individuals with salaries that either equal or pass the salaries which are paid for the vice presidents of the company they are working for.

For having an Oracle DBA job career it is required that you have either a bachelor’s degree or better still a master’s degree in either information systems or computer science. For obtaining the expertise to lead a successful career in either of the two streams, you need to carefully plan your education and training that will be required to secure a position in the sector. Apart from the technical expertise, you will need top class communication skills because you are required to communicate orally quite a bit, and in writing with heads of various companies, their tech support people, vendors and some other people which are involved in the daily work activities.

Apart from this, you are expected to have a minimum experience of five years as a full-time progressive DBA. It is essential that you have a clear understanding of various technologies related to the jobs you will be performing such as Java, Apache, and JDeveloper. Remember, there are many fraudsters on the internet who claim that Oracle is an easy trade to learn. They are trying to sell DBA boot camp courses to people who do not have the academic qualifications for performing this job. DBA is also a profession similar to architect, attorney or a business executive.

Although being an Oracle DBA is lucrative and exciting, it is a career choice which needs a lot of time for preparation. The most significant thing to remember here is that a DBA job needs 24X7 commitments. Also, being an Oracle DBA is an extremely thankless and stressful job and most of such jobs need you to be available on call on Christmas, Thanksgiving to perform any downtime maintenance required. The Oracle DBA is also expected to keep up with the ever-changing technology, working at nights and on weekends on the pretty much regular basis.




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