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Hands On Training Certification A basic requirement to get OCP certificate at Home

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Know The Hands-On Training Requirements For the Oracle Certification

hands on, hands on oracle, hands on oracle certificationIf you plan on taking the more advanced Oracle certification exams then it will most likely be required of you to attend some hands-on training courses to prepare for the exam. A requirement is basically a form of eliminating those that have never really worked with the software that is required for taking the test. You are required to have a certain amount of proficiency to take Oracle tests of certain levels. As you read on you will learn more about the Oracle testing options as well as the education that is needed for these certifications.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that not all Oracle tests will require that you take some hands-on training classes. There are many people that often think this, but that is false. Some of the beginner’s courses will just require more reading and personal observation rather than hands on. It is only “some” in the more advanced classes that require this sort of training.

One class that does not require hands-on training is the Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Professional. There are many people that will ask which training they should consider taking so that they can get their certification certificate. There is a list of Oracle certifications below which require training. The Oracle website where these certifications are located will let you know which classes meet requirements so that you’d be able to take certain tests.

oracle certificationStudying for an Oracle certification is quite challenging and this is something that you need to be fully prepared for whenever you are studying to take the exam. Keep in mind that the terms of relevance in the actual test can vary slightly from the materials that you are learning which is why this sort of test takes weeks and several hours to study for. It is quite difficult to find a method that will cost you more money to help you to prepare for the Oracle test. The Oracle Education courses are pretty much what most people result in when they prepare for taking the test. You could result in asking your employer if they know of any more expensive and precise Oracle courses with better material. If he/she does then chances are the company can pay for you to take these courses; they are expensive but you won’t have to worry about coming out of pocket to pay for them.

There are four different training courses that you can choose to take in Oracle Education:

  • Training on Demand
  • Classroom
  • Live Virtual Class
  • Self-Study Courses

Below are a better description and summary of the above-mentioned training courses that you can choose to take.

Classroom Training:

When you take this training course you will have to drive or have transportation to make it to the scheduled classes which are located in a public location. Sometimes you have to travel long distances when you take these classes which means that you might have to spend the night in a hotel. If you feel that you might have issues with transportation then this may not be the class for you. However, you will be able to have lots of interaction with the instructor as well as your classmates which means that you will get more hands-on training and have a better understanding of what you are learning. Working with people is a huge benefit when taking a classroom course.

Virtual Class—Live:

A live virtual class is next to being in an actual class but you will be attending a live video feed online. You can access your classroom from work or home; so you’d be able to learn at your own convenience.

Training on Demand:

The Training on Demand is the next step down from the Live Virtual Classes. Instead of being streamed live the classes are being recorded. The recording contains the video of the Oracle class with a hands-on environment. The things that you will learn are much like the live classes. However, since the classes or record, you have access to them anytime you need them.

Self-Study Courses:

The Self-study Oracle courses are those that you can download or put into your laptop or PC through your CD ROM drive. You will not be able to perform hands-on lessons with this method for your certifications.

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  • Really nice information. Till today, I thought virtual training and online training both are same but from this article I understood actually different between of both trainings. I am preferring Oracle courses because all kinds of trainings and course materials are available easily.


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