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Can Fresher DBA obtain SQL jobs easily rather than Oracle jobs?

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fresher oracle jobs, dba jobsWhen it comes to carrier and especially for fresher every one looks for an initial break through to get placed in any company for certain period in order to gain experience. However in order to gain the initial break through it is also vital to pick up the right path for the carrier as a fresher and when it comes to DBA Sql or Oracle there are lot of scopes to set a bright future. Many might get through a question whether DBA Sql has higher advantage than Oracle or which one to study in order to get the break through easily. Both have equal advantage when it comes to carrier path as one could excel when well in both the field of database.

However there are common scenarios that whether DBA Sql freshers gets quick jobs than Oracle?. Yes it is true they easily get a job without much hassle rather than Oracle jobs. Regarding jobs in Oracle jobs many firms look for oracle certification which is a special exam which needs to be written and passed in order to gain the certificate. However as the exams are conducted directly by the Oracle they are quite expensive and as a result many don’t write them and focus their carrier point in DBA Sql jobs.

Meanwhile when concerned regarding the salary there are quite certain difference for sql jobs as well a Oracle jobs as Oracle studied people gets much salary when compared that of the DBA sql freshier. However there are several branches or categories associated with the SQL database administration where one could tune their carrier accordingly where one could shine well if the freshers opt for Sql DBA jobs than Oracle jobs.

As the Information Technology field is back in hunt after the setback due to recession the carrier scope over to SQL administration as well as Oracle for freshers is strong and dedicated students can shine a well if they study well. Deep understanding of domain skill and depth knowledge is always helpful to everyone including fresher and intermediate level students. Without depth knowledge you can not survive if you are having good experience too.

In short, you need to worry about your depth knowledge. Learn daily new things, do practical for every point and feature. Without getting practical session, you won’t get full self confidence.
Wish you all the best.

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