Cheap or Free Methods of Oracle Tutorials

free oracle tutorials

Cheap or Free Methods Available to Help you in Preparing for an Oracle Exam

How to Get Free or Cheap Oracle Tutorials?

free oracle tutorialsThere is not a single person that wants to have to spend money on the hard work that they do. People would much rather just get rewarded for their hard work. Because of this factor, there are many people that seek to get Oracle certifications for cheap or for free. However, there is one thing that you should keep in mind whenever you are considering using cheap to free material to study for your Oracle exam and that is, you get what you pay for. Certainly you have heard this saying before and for the most part, it is true. Often times the best information that you will get when it comes to studying for Oracle material can cost you some money. You will spend a lot of time searching online for good material when you want to find the best for cheap to free.

In this case, you need to prepare. You need to make some calculations before-hand so that you will know just how much it will cost you to get your Oracle certifications. Decide the dollar amount that you will end up spending depending upon your own personal situation. If you want to be an Oracle Database 11g Administrator then you will need to pass 3 different tests. One of the tests will require hands-on work with authorized personnel. For the first two tests, you can expect to pay $125 and then you will have to pay $195 for the 3rd test.

If you want to complete the training for Oracle Admin II  then you can expect to spend $3,250. If you have not put money down on some materials then you can expect to come out of pocket at least $3,695. Books for the OCP test will cost you anywhere between $10-$70; depending upon the contents of the book.  If you end up paying about $30 for study materials for all three of the tests that come out to $90 in expenses. If you pass just one test that you could have failed at least you have paid for the materials for all of the materials combined which is cheaper.

Free Option of Oracle Tutorials:

If you want to go the free route then you would need to search for your study materials online. All Oracle manuals can be downloaded via PDF file. You can get these materials that are all provided by Oracle Education for your exam which will give you a list of information that you need to search for in manuals. Using this documentation can give you great study benefits for the test. However, it will take you longer to study since you will be required to take the time out to search for the information that you need to be studying in the manuals. A book that you would pay for that is designed for the test would take less time because you won’t have to search for the information that you need to know for the test.

Besides getting the files off of the Oracle Education website you can also rent books from a library. Keep in mind that some books could have outdated information in them so you need to make sure you find a book that has the information in it that you need for the exam. However, don’t let this ruin the fact that the book that you are looking for with the information that you need just might be available. If you cannot find it yourself you can ask a librarian who would be able to look the book up for you.

Cheap Option of Oracle Tutorials:

What are you to do with the certification books after you are finished with them? Technically you don’t need them anymore, right? There are some people that try to sell them for a cheaper price than what they bought them for while others donate them to libraries. You might get lucky and find the actual certification book that you need for the exam at the library or a bookstore on sale. You can find out this kind of used books from the internet or check classified advertisements in the local newspaper or online classified websites. Online Oracle forums and communities are best resources to find out used books and documentation. If you would not find anything then put your requirement in any good Oracle DBA tips, I am 100% sure that online community would help you or guide you.

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