Choosing IT career Best or Worst?

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Most common query about choosing a career path. Can I choose IT career or not?

it career bestWhat do you think about IT career? If you ask this question to non-IT people then you would get 50-50 percent result best or worst. If you ask this question to IT people then also get 50-50 percent. Means nobody is sure to give the proper answer.

The update is constant in information technology. Version update, bug identification and resolution, hardware and software changes are regular tasks. You can get excited about new tasks. You can get tension for disaster. Performance degradation issue resolution is challenging task. You need to take care of everybody’s requirement like end users, application team, other IT teams, and management. You need to solve everyone problems. You need to get an update on new software and hardware updates. Upgrading your skill is challenging task. Sometimes in some company, people are getting chance to work with various clients at a different location and IT people need to travel to other countries. You will be able to get more earning in IT career. In short, we can say you will get a tension-packed life and get excited every moment in IT career.

It means you will be able to enjoy first 10 years career in IT. After 10-15 years, these all things are becoming boring and unhappy. Most people are fed up with a stressful environment. They don’t live good family life. Every moment of life people needs to worry about their responsibilities and duties. They can earn more but they are living very stressful life. Constant stress results from some bad habits. Drinking, smoking is general bad habits developing in IT people. Unhealthy sleep, fast food, and disturbance of food timings are most common features of IT career. Due to these all reasons, health becomes unstable. High blood pressure, irritate nature are also most common results of daily stressful life. Upgrading skills become horrible because, after some age, your mind doesn’t accept new learning and this thing is increasing your strain. Technology is constantly upgrading. And you will be struggling to make yourself stable in the career. The young generation will be able to achieve every goal and you will stand alone in this culture. Sometimes, junior becomes your boss or climbs success stair very quickly compared to your position. I am not fearing you but these are most common symptoms which I saw in seniors. Frankly speaking, sometimes I felt same symptoms too.

In my training career, I saw lots of cases of IT people who are affecting from above symptoms. In reply to above indications, you will be able to reply that which career path doesn’t have these issues, every career path has the same kind of issues. Unfortunately, every career path doesn’t have a stressful life and constant skill upgrade. Do you think any?

Why I choose IT career?

But still, I am IT guy and choose IT career because I love excitement and stress. The stressful moment is my food. When don’t get tension then I don’t feel hungry. Daily skill upgrade becomes my oxygen and without it, I cannot live. I didn’t want stereotype career. IT career provides me adventure, excitement, new learning, change, a suspenseful moment in life which is my passion.

What do you say?What is your opinion?

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  • Gijs van der Velden
    January 7, 2014 7:26 am

    Exclusive explanation about IT career pros and cons. For more earning and get good growth people like IT career and resulting bored from constant upgrade and learning in 50-55 age. But before this period they could earn more than other non-IT people. Offcourse, these are my own thoughts. Thanks for sharing such important content of your blog Gitesh, have a nice day and life.

  • Thanks for giving me energy….


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