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How to get DBA Job as fresher Oracle DBA?

oracle interview, oracle dba interviews

oracle interview, oracle dba interviewsOnly Oracle certification is not sufficient to get Oracle DBA job from the market. It is very tough to obtain the job from market nowadays. If you are fresher Oracle DBA then it would be more difficult to grab job.

Oracle certification only helps you to prove that you are known with Oracle database administration skills. It doesn’t provide any guarantee to get a job from the market very easily. There are lots of Oracle certified DBAs don’t get a job and still they are looking for the job.

Important thing is that how can you prepare your resume to present your skill to hire managers and consultants. The company has typical requirement of Oracle DBA and if they are not finding those skill or feature in your resume then they would not select you for an interview. If you would make a strong resume and show all important DBA skills then you probably get interview calls.

After getting interview calls, interview preparation is also very tough. Lots of features are introduced in newer releases of Oracle and older has also some hidden features which you are not aware. Therefore, you cannot able to prepare yourself perfectly for an interview. If you search online for Oracle DBA interview questions then you probably get older and outdated interview questions answers which are absolutely outdated and fake questions answers. If you don’t believe then check all online Oracle DBA interview questions date time of posting of articles. Most of those are having more than 2 or 3 years old.

If you find out any good quick ready reference book of Oracle DBA interview questions then it becomes very easy to prepare for an interview and you can represent yourself in any kind of technical Oracle interview. We need some basic requirements for this book about versions and questions answers. Oracle DBA interview questions book should need to cover all Oracle versions with all features for ready reference. It should need to provide us trick questions and real time scenario based Oracle DBA interview questions answers with the explanation to understand more quickly.

Obviously, this kind of book can help to get Oracle dba job very easily and quickly. It should help to fresher Oracle DBA, intermediate Oracle DBA, and expert Oracle DBA for all level. Hiring managers can use this kind of book for judging the candidate as per their expectations and needs.

If you are able to make strong resume then another difficulty in clearing technical interview with Oracle DBA. During technical job interview, a hiring manager may ask real time scenario based questions on most complex scenario like performance tuning and backup recovery. Some trick questions can be asked during the technical round of interview. Fresher Oracle DBA isn’t able to understand this kind of questions, even sometimes expert Oracle DBA also get confused during this kind of interview questions. It is not easy to crack trick and complex scenario based interview questions. Means technical round of Oracle DBA job interview is very difficult to clear. Of course, if you have some experience to face this kind of technical interview then it would be easy for you. But for everyone, it is not easy. Due to these all reasons, grabbing Oracle DBA job is almost difficult for everyone, especially for fresher Oracle DBA.

If you want to prepare for the technical interview of Oracle then you need to so many reference books. For a very short period, it is not easy to prepare using those materials. Then people are trying to search the web for getting Oracle DBA interview questions tips and answers. Unfortunately, more than 95% resources are very old dated and obsolete on the web. If you can check article or thread date of those Oracle DBA interview questions are very older and sometimes may be more than 3 years old. How can you prepare yourself with these obsolete interview questions where Oracle versions also changed and too many new features introduced in newer versions?

Of course, if some solid resource available to prepare for Oracle DBA interview questions is Oracle documentation. But unfortunately, it is large and you don’t have so much time to read every Oracle documentation pages and understand easily. Best and ultimate way for preparing is some quick ready reference book which covers all technical interview questions with nice explanation with understandable language. If the same resource covers most of Oracle versions then what else is needed? Yes, we don’t require any more reference books as same. Just only one is enough for us. It should be our success kit for grabbing the job from the market.

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