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10 Tips for a Telephonic Interview

telephonic interview

Telephone Interview Tips for Preparation

telephone interviewThe telephone interview is a way by which many companies rate their possible candidates for the job before a real-time face-to-face interview. It could the very foundation for giving the interviewer the best opinion about you. After all “the first impression is the best impression“.

Well, however, before you attend such an interview there are certainly a few things that you need to keep in mind.

  1. Using a Landline Phone: The first thing you should be careful about is using a landline in such a situation. The reason for this is quite simple; the land line is quite reliable compared to cell phones which could irritate us at the most crucial times with technical difficulties.
  2. It is always advisable to keep the things you might need ready by your side so that you don’t have to risk searching for it at the moment of the need arising. A pen and paper would basically do it could prove to be useful to note down certain questions that the interviewer might ask.
  3. Select a place which is in almost isolation so that noises cannot distract your conversation. This could have a negative impact on the interviewer.
  4. Make sure that the words you speak come out clearly and are quite audible for the interviewer on the other side of the line. Make sure to speak each word with maximum clarity and in the most generous and slow tone.
  5. It is often noticed that people express themselves through their body and expressions but fail to understand that these are in vain. It is clearly understood that only your vocal skills could help you pull through.
  6. Stay close to the topic and avoid deviations at all possible times.
  7. Keep your professionalism and impress the interviewer with powerful quoting and vocabulary.
  8. Avoid habitual malpractices like chewing gum or drinking before an interview.
  9. Avoid long-term hesitations and come up with an answer quickly. Suppress all sorts of shyness in you and show your manliness. That would certainly appeal to the interviewer.
  10. Prepare questions that you are likely to be thrown up against so that you could be familiar with what to answer.

Before you attend a telephone interview, make sure you keep this tips in mind. This would certainly have a positive impact on your interview the rest being up to you to impress upon the interviewer your caliber.

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