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Telephonic Interview – Be Careful

telephonic dba interview

What to Do When Going For A Telephonic Interview?

“Some Precaution Steps of Telephonic Oracle DBA Interview”

telephonic interviewTelephonic interviews can be such a bother and most DBA are scared and a bit confused because they don’t know what to expect or what to do. However, you should not be scared as this is just an ordinary interview just like the face to face to face interview. With telephonic interviews, the interviewer has a particular target and there are some things that they may be looking forward to capturing or take note of. These are things such as your personality and technical background that you have. Thus in all cases, you should always endeavor to give this interview your best so that you can always impress the interviewer no matter what they are looking for.

The preparations you make must be sufficient and make sure that you prepare yourself to all the technical and nontechnical aspects of the topic. The interviewer may be looking to capture the technical or the nontechnical aspects of the topic and so in either case, you should have made adequate preparations so that whatever comes, you are ready for it. The way you answer the questions should be simple and direct to the point. This should be in a manner that the interviewer can easily understand the answers. They should also be very direct and straight to the point. You should not leave the interviewer in doubt or leave them guessing what you meant.

The interview is not only for the interviewer to learn about you but you should also take the opportunity to learn about the company or the employer. Make sure you prepare for any questions that you may have so that when you gave the chance, you may ask as many questions as possible about the employer or company that you are about to work with. This way, you will be prepared on what to expect when you start your new job.

Always keep silent in your room that you can hear interviewer voice clearly. If you become confused in any query then immediately ask a counter question or inform them that you didn’t understand because of noisy voice or disturbance in the call. Never make the noise of any paper or book otherwise interviewer assumes that you are reading a book and giving the answer from the book. Never make a sound of your keyboard otherwise interviewer misunderstands that you are searching of the web for his interview questions. Never take any other phone during telephonic interview otherwise interviewer assumes that someone helps you on another phone. In short, never create mysterious or suspenseful moment during your telephonic interview.

Lots of candidates failed in the telephonic interview with minor mistakes and they never understand what kind of silly mistake was done by them during an interview.  When we are sitting in the conference for taking the telephonic interview that time we have always with HR person who is pointing and marking candidate’s mysterious noise and voices. He or she always notes this kind of mysterious voices (because he/she has the expertise to analysis) and inform us about candidate’s negative behavior points during the interview. Be careful in a telephonic interview because of your every noise marked by interview team; some mysterious noise results misunderstanding and negative impact immediately.

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  • During telephonic discussion, interviewer doesn’t be able to see/study your face expression. We can be hide our confusion, fear, nervousness from interviewer. In another hand, interview doesn’t provide more time for getting reply in single question. We don’t get so much time for preparing proper answer. These are pros and cons of telephonic interview.


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