How Become Oracle DBA

oracle dba

How Become Oracle DBA?

oracle dbaDBA (Database Administrator) is a person who is an expert with exceptional skills required in the fields of database management. These professionals are the worker bees that make sure that system runs smooth and without any glitches. It is their primary duty to troubleshoot any problem. Especially developed certifications, training and hands-on experience are offered by database product manufacturers to train professionals to handle their products and solutions. DBA is a busy person in a corporate environment, even income corporate structures there are a number of DBAs at a single site. This all depends upon the complexity of the whole system.

DBA professional is a person who is equipped with the latest and up-to-date knowledge of the database system of his own choice. Advance knowledge is then combined with periodical training held by the manufacturer i.e. Oracle, and the final element, experience. Experience is considered to be the most important element, it is the stage when you get personal experience to troubleshoot the database system. A person who lacks any of these three elements would fail in his attempt to be called DBA.

Before purchasing the necessary course materials one should choose the correct database platform to begin. Latest platforms developed and launched by Oracle include the reliable 11g and 10g products. So one needs to choose the course of induction, he has ample choice such as Oracle DBA 11g or Oracle DBA 10g along with necessary Oracle DBA training. Once a person has made up his mind, the next step is to get admission in an authorized training and testing center. This is necessary and is mandatory for beginners. Experienced professionals would be able to benefit from their previous experience.

The route to Certified Oracle DBA is divided into three brief steps. These steps are interconnected and one must complete all three steps to complete his certification. The very first step is Oracle Certified Associate, this is the initial step and is composed of three exams. You must pass at least two to make it to the second step. Oracle Certified Professional is the second step professional, it is necessary to acquire training at this level of quality for the next final level. Along with training you also need to pass the examination. Once cleared now you move to the final level the Oracle Certified Master, you need to get advanced training and have to pass at least two exams to become the Oracle DBA.

This is a long road but it is very much necessary so that you can actually perform your job. Maintaining and troubleshooting Oracle database systems can only be performed by a certified professional. A huge commercial and corporate firms have giant interlinked database systems that interact around the world. Only a certified person will be able to point out the problem and fix it. Confidence is also boosted with the training that you get in the three qualification levels. You will also get a chance to upgrade your knowledge in future too.

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  • High rated article. I got what I am looking for. I am MCA and wanted to select Oracle database administration course for my career. But I confused and asked advice from my friends. They suggested me this article for reading. Trainer should be like Gitesh Trivedi. I want to learn Oracle DBA from you sir. Kindly guide me how to.

  • Hi Gitesh,
    Yours site encouragable and more helpfull to us. Now i am working as a oracle support side & i have 2.7 years of experince, I planned to move oracle development side but i got most of the offers from support side only, but i m planning to step up my technology, so please suggest me, i m ready to learn but i m plan to choose correct path, is there any option to move oracle DBA… its possible.
    pls help me…

  • thank you for this valuable Blog i have question in my sir Oracle development means what is that? is it king of programming in only SQl or some what other languages pl z guide …because i am weak in programming..

    • giteshtrivedi
      July 21, 2014 5:24 am

      Hi Abhijit,

      In Oracle database administration, programming does not need. If you are strong in SQL then it is good. Go ahead for DBA training.

  • sir for an oracle DBA is it mandatory to know about PLSQL programming and please suggest me about the concepts that a junior dba should have to familiar

    • giteshtrivedi
      March 15, 2017 6:34 am

      No PL/SQL is not mandatory for Oracle DBA. But if you are jr.dba with having knowledge of PL/SQL then it is easy to get job.


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