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Negative Thinking Can Ruin Your Career and Life: How?

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How Negative Outlook Can Ruin Your Career and Life?

All of us sarcastic, doubtful, too-intelligent for our and other’s good professionals of IT who think we can move forward in our careers (including your Oracle or SQL DBA career) based on fiery intelligence will definitely question the statement which says only 25 percent of the success of the job comes from technical and intelligence skills as per a research held in the emotional intelligence field.

If your career is not mainly a function of intelligence, then what makes it possible? Certain factors like social support, optimism and whether we see stress as a threat or an opportunity indicates our success. Researchers in the field of emotional intelligence would claim that looking on the positive side and friendships play significant roles in our achievements than qualities like hard skills and intelligence. But, the truth is, developing a body of scientific research shows a great connection between a positive mental condition and the most mysterious notion called success.

According to someone, human brains are created to work efficiently when they are in a positive frame when compared with neutral or negative one. This has been observed after many studies on positive psychology. When people are positive, it increases their productivity when compared to when they are in a negative frame of mind. People in the field of sales sell more than their negative duplicates. Doctors perform diagnoses more accurately when they are positive.

Chemical is the reason why our brains work more effectively when we are in a positive frame of mind. When the brains are positive, they release dopamine, which is a neurochemical related to pleasure. Dopamine makes us feel great, stimulates the learning sensors of our brains and provides more energy to our minds. Positive brains see more opportunities and there will be an increase in productivity as well including in your oracle DBA career.

The brain acts like a single processor inside a computer with a certain amount of resources to face the world. If your brain is not making use of those resources to browse for negative things or for seeing the problems that could appear, then your brain has limited leftover resources for performing actual work. On the contrary, when you are in a positive mental state, your brain dedicates its resources completely to the specific task.

The best thing is, we can still improve our happiness and outlook by including some habits in our life that promote optimism and positivity. We can increase our productivity and become successful Oracle DBA by doing so.

  1. Feel the gratefulness: First of all, be grateful for what you have and don’t crib for what you don’t have.
  2. Be social: Social support network is the best predictor of happiness and success.
  3. Praising others: Be kind to people around you, this is another way of increasing your social investment.
  4. Adapt 20-second rule: Add twenty seconds to the time it takes to get involved in the bad habit to break that habit. For instance, if you have a habit of checking news sites, make it more time consuming to get access to such sites by taking them off from the bookmarks of your browser or delete the passwords for such sites.
  5. Go for small goals: It is okay to set large goals like becoming a CEO at the age of 35, losing 60 lbs. by running a marathon, but there is a disadvantage. When goals are big, you become paralyzed. They shut off your brain. So, set small goals and work towards achieving them.
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