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What you should not show in Resume as fresher Oracle DBA?

oracle dba fresher resume

As a fresher Oracle Database Administrator (DBA), there are specific characteristics that you should avoid including in your resume. Employers examine resumes for skills and experiences that demonstrate your suitability. Concentrating on the vital details that will make you stand out and get the job you seek is crucial.

It’s only sometimes beneficial to include more information on a resume. Too much information can confuse employers and detract from the most crucial elements of your application. As a new Oracle DBA, there are some things you should avoid including in your CV.

We’ll talk about what you, as a brand-new Oracle DBA, should not include on your CV in this blog post. We’ll discuss pointless pastimes and interests, interpersonal conflict, and out-of-date knowledge. At the end of this article, you will better understand what to leave out of your resume and how to create one that will make you stand out and attract employers.

Irrelevant qualifications and certificates:

As a new Oracle DBA, it’s crucial to keep your resume concentrated on the skills and certifications most pertinent to the job. That implies you should leave any licenses or credentials unrelated to Oracle DBA from your CV.

Qualifications and certifications irrelevant to the position you’re applying for can detract from the vital information you want to emphasize on your resume and make it harder for employers to determine whether you’re a good fit.

Social media links and profiles:

It’s crucial to remember that, as a new Oracle DBA, your resume should not contain any social network connections or accounts. Social media profiles can potentially detract from the professional expertise and skills you highlight in your CV and serve as a conduit for offensive information.

It’s advisable to leave social media off your resume entirely, as many employers now use it as background information when evaluating prospects.

Personal data:

As a new Oracle DBA, avoiding including personal information in your resume is crucial. Your religion, marital status, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and political convictions are a few examples of personal information.

These extremely private things should not be discussed in a formal document and might even be considered discriminatory. However, including personal information could encourage companies to hire you by supplying them with unnecessary details that might influence their choice.

Affiliations with religion and politics:

Being selective with your resume is vital if you’re a new Oracle DBA. Political and religious ties should be left out because they are unrelated to the position. These topics have the potential to be delicate and divisive.

You can prevent any misconceptions or issues by removing these associations from your CV. It would help to emphasize your abilities and credentials, which companies will look closely at.

Passport number and SSN information:

It is never advised for a new Oracle DBA to include their Social Security Number (SSN) or Passport Number (PN) on their CV for security reasons. It includes any additional identifying information about the individual. The theft of a person’s identity is a severe offense that should not handle lightly.

It’s advisable to omit this information from your resume entirely. If a company does request this information from you throughout the recruiting process, it is advisable to take the appropriate security measures to protect your identity.

Salary details:

As a new Oracle DBA, leaving out any payment information while writing your resume is crucial. It covers your current salary, past salary, and predicted salary. You may use this information against you to reduce your chances of landing the job or receiving a more significant wage than you are entitled to.

You can set expectations with possible employers and keep the conversation on your qualifications, experience, and abilities by leaving out compensation information.

Unprofessional email address:

You must know the information on your resume as a new Oracle DBA. Employers may consider having an inappropriate email address a red flag and consider it unprofessional. Applicants must create an email account that contains their entire name, preferably abbreviated.

Consider how much more professional is compared to Using an unprofessional email address can make you seem unprofessional and impair your chances of getting the job.

Explanations for leaving previous jobs:

As a fresher Oracle DBA, you should be aware that there are some reasons for leaving a job that doesn’t look well on your application for a new one. They include: a lack of excitement for the job, leaving without notice, not getting along with coworkers, not having the requisite skills for the job, lack of job satisfaction, not getting along with the management, and not getting along with the workplace culture.

It may imply a bad attitude or lack of dedication if you state any of these reasons on your CV.

Unrelated work experience:

Keep your resume targeted and pertinent to the position you’re seeking as a new Oracle Database Administrator. Avoiding unrelated work experience can help you focus on your knowledge and experience as an Oracle DBA.

Concentrating on positions and internships in software engineering, database programming, web development, and systems analysis relevant to Oracle Database Administration is crucial. It would be best to display any Oracle Database Administration-related certifications on the resume prominently.

Spelling and grammar mistakes:

Making mistakes in grammar and spelling is a proven way to turn off potential employers. You should know the importance of having a flawless resume as a new Oracle DBA. Make sure your resume is clear and correct.

Have someone else check it to ensure all your sentences are grammatically correct and there are no spelling issues. The slightest mistake might raise a big red flag for employers and cost you the job.


In conclusion, evaluating what you should carefully and should not put in your resume for an Oracle DBA is crucial. Even though you want to highlight your abilities and experience, keeping extraneous details out of the conversation is crucial.

For the best impression, concentrate on what is pertinent to the position and business you are applying to. You can stand out from the competition and land your desired job with the appropriate strategy.

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