I Didnot Get Response from Company About My Resume

fresher oracle dba resume

Basic Mistakes to Send Your Resume to Any Company

fresher oracle dba resumeI am sorry to say that people are not reading carefully my blogs and suggestions for how to send resume to any consultant or company. Every resume with covering letter emails are forwarded by my consultant companies to me every day. But unfortunately, everyone is interested to get a job easily or change job quickly but they are not sending resume with an accurate approach. Due to this reason, application user doesn’t get the single response from any consultant or company about a job.

I tried to provide some good suggestions in my blog as fresher Oracle DBA job tip-1, fresher Oracle DBA job-2, Oracle DBA resume tip-3, Oracle DBA resume making tips-4, and Oracle DBA job tip-5. But unfortunately, very few candidates follow strictly those suggestions. If you don’t send your resume to the consultant with proper approach then you would not get the single response from any company, after that don’t blame market that you won’t get chance to do the job because you are fresher or fresher Oracle DBA doesn’t get chance.

Sometimes, candidate calls to a company regarding job without having any interview call, do you think human resource department is sitting ideal for entertaining your calls? It is the absolutely wrong approach. You might be black-listed in a company while approaching direct company without having shortlisted or interview call.

People are blaming that they are not getting interview calls but they didn’t check how they approached the company.

Recently we got some resumes and I am providing covering note of those resumes as an example.



PFA My CV for the position of Oracle DBA.





Looking for a job as Oracle DBA

Currently located in Pune



hello sir,

i have 3.5 year experience in Oracle programming. i attach my CV.

is there any requirement please inform me.

Thank you,



The mail contains an only attachment with subject: fresher without any cover note or 2-3 lines as covering letter.

Do you think what would be happening if these kinds of resume will be received by any consultant? Simply they would delete emails without taking a single note of candidate. If you send several emails with this kind of approach then company or webmaster of the site would put your reference as SPAM and after that, your resume won’t reach to HR department even though you make nice impressive covering note. If you are sending this kind of resume to any company then keep in your mind that might not get a response from them.

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