What is The Difference Between The 4 Different Oracle Certifications?

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What is different between OCA, OCE, OCP, and OCM?

“Different between OCA, OCE, OCP, OCM”

oracle certificationWhen Oracle first became known as a profession at which people could receive a certification there was only one known abbreviation. That abbreviation is OCP Which stands for Oracle Certified Professional. Some years back the profession was broken up into four different types of certifications which called for some new titles and abbreviations. This article will list the abbreviations of each one of these certifications and their professions so that you will be able to tell them apart if you were never able to before. Read about the levels of each one and what they mean.

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA):

Oracle Certified Associate is considered to be an entry certification to Oracle Education. The people that are certified at this level are brand new to the Oracle education and probably have experience in the field of about 1 or 2 years. People that have achieved this level of experience without work-related experience are expected to have the minimum knowledge of the subject such as the basic fundamentals. They can be expected to perform some Oracle tasks with supervision.

An OCA is generally only required to pass at least 2 exams. There are typically no other requirements for this level of experience. OCA tests cover a wide variety of the basics of Oracle knowledge. The main goal for those that are on the OCA certification level is to know the basics and understand the features of the test and how they work. There can be minimal hands-on training with this method of study.

Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) and Oracle Certified Professional OCP:

This is basically the next level up from OCA, but it is the certification which helps you to better your knowledge in either OCA or OCP. So basically you will be figuring out which niche is best for you with this cert; this subject is one that is not as broad as some of the other certifications. When you get ready to take an exam for OCE you can expect to take only one test; there are no hands-on training required for preparation of the test. Basically, there is just one main area of Oracle being studied until the end of the course. The test is taken in order to determine whether or not the student has a complete understanding of the area of interest.

Oracle Certified Master (OCM):

This level of certification is known to be the highest that is offered by the Oracle field. It builds the candidates skills up to the highest knowledge to know everything that they need to know to be on an advanced level of the field. In this field, you would be required to take two courses that are advanced with hands-on training of the material that you need to learn. You will also be required to pass an exam that is split up into two days.

You are required to have a minimum amount of 6 years of Oracle experience in order to qualify for a certification on this level. Those that pass the exams required for an Oracle Certified Master will have proven that they have the ability to execute enterprise-class techniques.

The certification is one that is rare because there are not as many people that have the time, patience, and money to dedicate to it. Only those that seek to excel their skills to the max of the Oracle field will be able to succeed with this type of certification. Those that get an OCM cert can receive jobs with consulting firms and other corporations that require advanced Oracle installations.

Regardless of the level of knowledge each one of these certifications will allow you to have, any one of them will look good on your resume. It is better to have as many certifications as you can, but you should only choose the ones that you know that you will be dedicated to completing.

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  • Vrushali Pande
    December 7, 2015 7:44 pm

    I am working as a QA tester from the past 5 years and i am interested in pursuing a certification in Oracle. Is the OCA a good one to start with?

    • giteshtrivedi
      March 15, 2017 6:36 am

      Getting depth knowledge of whole Oracle DBA skill is very important only obtaining certification is not important. Yes if you are having good knowledge of database administration then you can start with OCA.


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