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To my Old Students

why choose Oracle DBA career

One Request to my old students……..

importance oracle dbaI want to inform you that, my old cell phone number (12 years old) is still working and my wife is using this number. If you want to contact me then you can either call me at the old number or new cell number. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any issue or problem. I will guide you accurately for your any of issue. In last week I got around 62 calls. I was unable to pick up some of those calls. Thus, I need to publish this special instruction to my old students.

If you send me a mail to my yahoo mail id with your reference code then it is better to understand your issue as well identification of you. You are requested to send me mail about your issue with your full explanation and Oracle version.

Sometimes, if I am busy then I am unable to pick up a phone and it is a professional manner. During training, I am not receiving any calls and during client meeting/discussion I am not picking up any phone calls. Due to these reasons, the better approach is mail. I am also providing remote DBA support to my clients. Sometimes I am too busy in any client discussion or resolving any mysterious issue.

Don’t worry to ask any of queries during your struggling period or in ongoing career growth. I am always with you to assist you.


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