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Web directory as best way to promote our website

off page seo

off page seoActually, it is not hard for us to promote a blog and get a lot of visitors. We can use web directory sites. They can provide many visitors to our blog/website with cheap prices or even for free! We could rely many services on those sites that should have been providing visitors to our blog automatically. Another benefit is we can feel as well, such as statistical data to know our blog. This statistic is checking how the number of visitors to our blog today, how the number of visitors per day, etc.. In addition, we also can increase the number of backlinks in our blog or our website.

How it works is quite easy. We just need to register our blog to existing directory sites and directory sites will publish our blog RSS feed automatically (not all sites directory), if we update our blog content, then the contents of our blog will also appear in the site directory. The main result is search engines will find our blog more easily. Once you have registered your blog to the websites directories, then you have to place their links (usually a mini banner) on your blog. Try placing links from directory sites are located on the Homepage / the front page of your blog. Because if you put their link in the post, then your blog statistics will not be counted.

A web directory is one element in SEO that has very big potential to improve the quality of its own ranking for a blog/website. In addition to improving ranking, blog directory also creates a blog/website known quickly by many people. With so many benefits gained from a blog directory, there is now no longer be denied if it is already being marketed. Of course, price and benefits to be gained are also comparable, so it’s been a lot a few blogs/websites that have used web directory facilities.
Here are some of the positive benefits that we can get by registering your blog URL in your blog directory:

1. Improving the quality of SEO blog posts in the eyes of search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and others.
2. Getting traffic directly or indirectly which is very useful in improving the quality of your blog/website.
3. The web directory is search engine friendly.
4. Blog article can be indexed by search engines faster.

Of course, spammy directories are not so good for backlink but you should need to check the reputation of web directory before inserting your site’s link. You can target LOCAL web directories for ranking your site locally. You can target foreign language directories too if you are doing business globally. You should be aware of high DA and PA of web directory while you are targetting. There are lots of spammy and low standard web directories available. You should need to avoid those directories. Otherwise, it will be harmful to your website and you may get Google penalty.

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