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The importance of Web Directory Listing in Link Building


Link build is the method to form and augment the number and superiority of inbound links, i.e. links that spot to a webpage blog or website. Why should you do the process? Because of the amount and excellence of links that point to a blog/website related to popularity and visibility. In relation to SEO, page ranking can be improved by increasing the popularity and visibility. The new article from a blog that has been popular in the eyes of search engines will also be quickly indexed and will have a good SERP quickly.

A link is a joiner (edge) among two web pages, either from the main page (you can say homepage) or from an inner webpage to another website’s page, post, article page. The link is an element of the direction-finding of websites that cannot be spat. These kinds of Links are known to as inner links.

Then, there are also external links sometimes called as back links. For an instance, when you present contents to content directory sites and include links to the article your website and blog, then there is a relation that is connected from the directory page to your webpage through an article or content link. Internal and external links are important for a website or blog. Thus, it is clear that link building is also meant to build links both internally (internal linking) and externally (external linking)

So, following are 3 basic steps to build an external link:

  1. Submit your blog to directories and social bookmarking. Prioritize directories and dofollow social bookmarking.
  2. Blogging is powerful as a means to build links. Give comment by leaving a link that you want to maximize and fill in the name of the commentator with the anchor text to be optimized. Again, for Google back links, prioritize on blogs with a dofollow comment.
  3. Watch hyperlinks are abandoned in accordance with the keywords target to be optimized in search engines.

Here are some criteria of web directory as a back link:

  1. Not display the list over 100 links in one page. Usually, use 20-30 outbound links in a page of the web directory.
    2. Page Rank has a fairly high, usually above PR3. If there is a web directory that offers lower than PR3, you should reject it. Check also validation of its PageRank, because now easy to make a fake PageRank
    3. Alexa has a value lower than 1 million and can show the amount of traffic that goes into the web directory

The web directory is an important factor in Link Building, because it offers hundreds of link and usually for free, so you can keep save your budget and also your time.

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