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Teaching Tip: As Good Teacher, we should need to Make Stronger our Student

teaching tipsTraining is important in every field. Good training depends on the instructor. I am not saying that I am the only good instructor, but an instructor you should always understand student first. There are 2 types of students. One is spoken student and second is a silent student.

Spoken Student and Silent Student:

Spoken student always speaks too much; raises so many questions, and speaks on other topics. This kind of student doesn’t shy to inform you that he or she doesn’t understand.  However, it is very to understand this kind of student’s nature and understanding level.

Silent student’s nature is opposite to spoken student. This kind of student never asks you any query if he or she doesn’t understand the topic. It is very difficult to understand silent student.

Sometimes, we can get a hybrid type student who is spoken for other topics and silent for targeted topics. This kind of student is easy to understand.

Understand Student Properly:

The as good trainer we should need to observe our student and try to understand his or her nature, mentality, understanding level. We need to ask them questions apart, of course, related topics. In their communication and habits, we can able to judge about their understanding skills. Without this knowledge, if we try to teach him or her anything, it is 100% wastage, nothing else.

Make Student Stronger:

As good trainer, we need to make our student stronger that he or she can able to crack any kind of interviews and able to struggle in any critical technical circumstances including in life and career. If our student is getting success in career and informs you then it is really best news for you because it is your success. If the student informs you about his or her failure then always try to boost confidence. Student always spends lots of time with his or her teacher; a good teacher we have sufficient time to understand his negative and positive thoughts and due to this reason, we can guide him or her better.

I always try to understand student mentality first and grab his negative points. During the lecture, I try to make him or her more capable to fight against every type of struggles including career and life. We don’t need to teach the student as stereotype teaching with books and computers. It is the very easy way to teach them re-written lesion and finish courses but it is not easy to understand their mentality, understanding power and change teaching style to make them stronger.

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