How to send Your Resume to Any HR Consultant or Company?

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Technique of Resume Preparation and Sending

oracle dba resumeI already provided this same tip so many times in other blogs and articles but again I am repeating same. The reason behind this tip, still I have been seeing so many resume mails without following my tips, which might result as a failure.

Always make the resume with your first name and last name with skill. An example, I save my resume as “gitesh-trivedi-Oracle-DBA”. You can put your designation with same like “gitesh-trivedi-teach-lead-dba”. This is the main point to save your resume for sending to any client, consultant, and company. Always remember that any HR people don’t have time to save your resume with your name if you send your resume with attachment as “resume”.

It should be:



Always compress your resume using zip or rar utility. Because sometimes, the mailbox of HR consultant would be full due to getting so many resumes daily. This trick always is helpful to you for proper delivering. Of course make it password protected, otherwise nobody care to open it and remember a password.

It should be:


One last thing, always send resume in simple word format and don’t send resume in .pdf format. Some of the HR consultants send your resume to their client for getting approval after removing your contact details and inserting their own contact details. In pdf format, the modification is not easy.

Above both tricks, I always tried to deliver to my every student, readers, fresher Oracle DBAs, DBAs but unfortunately, still, they are not following concept and send their resumes without name conversion and compress. These are very tiny things which are affecting widely. Suppose, HR consultant would delete your resume, or due to mail quota exceed, it bounced, or might be possible your resume is overwritten at consultant side because of your sent resume with “resume, Oracle DBA, Fresher Oracle DBA, fresher DBA” keywords. What would be happening during these scenarios? You would be waiting for interview call and you didn’t get it anytime.

Next time I will share you more tips for same. Wish you all the best.


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